Anthony Silver


Anthony Silver is the Executive Director of Gray Matters. He holds Master Degrees in both Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy, and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He is Board-Certified Neurofeedback Clinician, a Fellow of the Biofeedback Certification Alliance and one of only a handful of expert clinicians in the U.S. awarded Diplomate status by the International QEEG Certification Board.

Anthony has played a pioneering role in the integration of functional brain imaging (qEEG) in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders, making Gray Matters a regional center for diagnosis, treatment and research. He assisted in the development of the Network Injury Index, a revolutionary brain imaging tool that allows for the accurate assessment of concussion based on measured brain activity. He is actively involved in Gray Matters’ current research into the treatment of Autism, and screening for CTE in current and retired NFL players.

He has successfully treated thousands of children and adults with both neurofeedback and psychotherapy. He regularly consults with leading figures in the field, is a frequent source for consultation and mentoring, and is a guest lecturer at Fairfield University. His own work has been published nationally, he has been interviewed in numerous publications and has made many appearances on TV.

Anthony is the author of Making the Invisible Visible: How Mapping Brain Function Revolutionizes the Diagnosis and Treatment of Concussion, ADHD and Other Cognitive Disorders, available in early 2020.